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These are short radio plays that were written and produced by Scott.
He also performed in them, alongside some talented voice actors.

Forget the Treats
Dreadtime Stories
The Dinner Party
Sins of the Father
Twas the Night Before Christmas (Zombie Style)
The Caller
Under the Bed
The Carnival
April Fool
For What You Have
Twas the Night Before Krampus
I Want My Mummy
The Telltale Heart


The Dinner Party (Short Story, PDF) - NEW!

The Dinner Party


One Night in New Orleans (Short Story, PDF) - NEW!

One Night in New Orleans


Family Business (Short Story, PDF) - NEW!

Family Business


Snapshot (Short Story, PDF) -NEW!




Mimes (Short Story, PDF)


The Journal of Edwin Gray (Novella, PDF)

The Journal of Edwin Gray




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